How to Increase Your Network Marketing Product Sales

You’re a brand new rep for your network marketing business. The lights have faded away, excitement has dimmed, and the company convention is over, you’ve tapped out your warm markets asking your friends and family to support you and approached random strangers, now what? You ask everyone to buy products from you, but your volume still isn’t anything to shout about, and frustration begins to kick in. You go to your up line, only to get the same recommendations to pitch your family and friends or give away free samples to strangers. In this article we’ll cover steps to improve you’re the sales of your company’s products.

There are very important factors involved in improving your network marketing product sales. One of the most important action steps you can take is to first evaluate why your sales are not what you would like to be in the first place. Put another way, without knowing why, it is difficult to figure out how. Do you understand your company’s products and the value they can provide to others? One of the ways to solidify your understanding of the company’s products is to become a faithful user of the product. In order to truly be sold on your company’s products you will need to use it first. Therefore, using your company’s product will help you increase your network marketing product sales.

Another key to increasing your network marketing product sales is to expose as many people to your product. The key to success in network marketing is massive exposure. As a network marketer, your goal is to promote your product, company and opportunity by exposing it to as many people as possible through building a relationship or some medium of communication. Another way to increase your product sales is to promote your company’s income opportunity. While some people may not be interested in learning about your product at first, they may be interested in learning about your company’s opportunity. After your market becomes familiar with your company, they are more likely to become users of your product.

Lastly, the most effective way to increase your network marketing product sales is to market yourself. This is where you brand yourself as a leader, respected authority in your niche, and expert like status. If you develop this image in the mind of your prospects you will subconsciously attract prospects to you, get them to like, build trust and thereby increase your selling effectiveness. To be honest, you have to believe in yourself whole heartedly and remove all doubt in your mind that you are a leader. To do this, remind yourself of your past successes, focus on your strengths and what you do have. In order to truly be successful in this industry, grow and develop yourself. As you grow, so will your products, team and overall success in network marketing company.

Network Marketing Products That Sell!

Anyone that has seriously looked into a home based business will realize that there are all kinds of different network marketing products all claiming to be the best. How do sort through all the companies and products to pick what’s right for you? How do you know what network marketing products actually sell?

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when looking into the products offered by any network marketing company and deciding if it will be right for you.

1. Is this something people need?

Many network marketing companies rely on providing products that people already need. This way the customers (and marketers) simply replace their existing products or services with those offered by the company. (i.e phone plan, legal services, household products, cosmetics etc)

2. Is this something people want?

Some network marketing products are designed to give people something they want. This could be weight loss, health, beauty, personal development, etc. These products are designed to help people become the person they wan to be, they are aspirational. This uses the principal that people tend to make decisions based on how they like to see themselves, not who they really are. The downside of these products is they are not always used and often simply clutter up someone’s garage until they realize they are not going to do anything with them and cancel their auto-shipment.

3. Is this something people need AND want?

Some network marketing products are a combination of both needs and wants. In this category you might get household products that are made all naturally rather than with harmful chemicals. Something you would eat or drink everyday anyway, but with added healthy ingredients.

4. Would I buy this?

This is the absolute key to whether or not you will be able to sell any particular product. Is this something you would buy even if there was no opportunity attached to it? Is this something that you would be happy to have a garage full of? If not you are not going to be able to get excited about it and you are certainly not going to convince anyone else that they should buy it!

5. Is this priced correctly?

Again, assuming that there was no business opportunity attached, would you feel the price of the product is fair? Often times in order to support lucrative pay plans the company has to give out huge commissions which means they have to inflate the price of their products. This is often simply part of the network marketing business, but you have to be sure you are comfortable to both pay and charge the amount on the price-tag. For example, some network marketing companies offer big ticket items with huge commissions (i.e. Information products for over $1000). This means more selling for you and the hurdle of being comfortable asking people to fork over a huge chunk of money, but a higher commission when you do make a sale.

An Unbiased Look At Affiliate Marketing Products, And Its 7 Best Niches For Both Men And Women

A business in which products and services are distributed through a network of people is known as network marketing, affiliate marketing or multi level marketing (MLM). These transactions could be executed online while in the comfort of your home. Those who want to become affiliate marketers will find a variety of companies out there, and an even larger selection of products. However, differentiating the top affiliate marketing products from the rest can prove to be a tricky task since there are so many options. So for you niche-seekers that are looking for a Plan B to some day replace Plan A, in no particular order here are my top 7 choices:

1. Auto Accessories

Let’s face it. Automobiles are a necessity in today’s world for both men and women; not to mention, newly licensed teenagers. Our vehicles are a reflection of us and we jump at the chance to personalize it with accessories that would be uniquely in compliance with our individual personalities. There is a definite market for this niche.

2. Cosmetics

It is quite clear that women tend to be rather conscious about their appearance. For that reason they don’t mind spending money to enhance their beauty. Cosmetics, therefore, are ideal affiliate marketing products. However, rather than going for general cosmetic products, select one from a specialized niche. Like mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is a relatively new market. Catching on in 1998, it has gained popularity for its non-irritable ingredients. Even Mary Kate and Avon has recently jumped on the band wagon. Can you say “Ching-ching!”

3. Children’s Clothing and Toys

As long as there are children, there will always be a demand for children’s clothing and toys. Parents spend loads of cash to buy the best clothes and toys for their kids. Thus, a substantial amount of money could be made in this niche as an affiliate marketer. Coming from a father that loves to spoil his newly arrived baby-girl, I’d probably be your best customer!

4. Natural products

Also known as organic and ‘Go Green’, rather it’s for medicinal purposes, vitamin supplements or household cleaning products, there is an astonishing demand for natural or chemical free products. By the way, both phosphate and sulfate-free hair shampoo for women is also a winner!

5. Vacation Packages

In truth, there are a ton of vacation junkies out there, looking for the best deal on airline tickets, 4 to 5 star hotel rates, tourist attractions and more. Becoming an affiliate marketer in this niche can not only be lucrative, you and your family can also take advantage of the deals that you are promoting and take multiple trips yourselves. There’s nothing like having the freedom and resources to hop on a plane and leave everything else behind for a few days. It’s a necessity, and it’s called self-rejuvenation.

6. Self-Improvement/Help Products

Careers, friends and self-confidence are things that people want to gain during their lifespan. And for most, they’d like to make this happen sooner than later. Therefore, they are not shy about purchasing products that would lend a hand in helping them find a better them. The reason self-help products sell well is because everyone can benefit from it. Such products improves people’s lives. No sane person with this wish would dare frown upon it. In my opinion, self-improvement products is a must have in your arsenal of affiliate marketing products.

7. Vitamins and Anti-Aging Products

This is a very interesting niche. Although aging is inevitable, no one wants to look their age if they can help it. On the daily millions of baby boomers are surfing the web for age defying remedies. “Why” you may ask? Well the short answer would be to either maintain or get their youthful swagger back. There’s no need for them to be ashamed of this. We’ll all get there some day. Some sooner than later. Which is the reason I added this niche to my list. There’s a definite on-going market for it! On the other hand, health-conscious people are always in search of vitamin supplements. The market is large and targeting this market can be HUGE for your bank account!

Thus, it is obvious that the range of affiliate marketing products is rather extensive, and this is the reason choosing the right ones is not an easy task. While there are many other ideal network marketing products that you can take advantage of, the 7 that I mentioned above are my picks. Happy niche-seeking!